The Story of Hava

Hava Workshop is a complex model that provides DIY experience sessions
(Do it Yourself). Hava aims to preserve and spread the spirit of Vietnamese handicraft art to young people.

Coming to Hava, you not only can directly participate in interesting experiences, but also bond together in an open and pleasant space.

List of Workshops

Hava Sơn Khắc

Experience the traditional art of Son Khac

  • Engrave sketches on traditional figure
  • Use decorative metal powder

Hava Leather

Join your card wallet personalization experience

  • Choose your favorite skin tone
  • Type the desired character on the Cardholder

Hava Rattan

Join the experience of assembling and drawing on a bamboo dragonfly

  • Assemble dragonflies for balance
  • Draw dragonflies according to the theme of the lesson

Ticket price to attend

  • Hava Leather

    • Ticket price: 459,000 VND
    • Offer: 399,000 VND (2 people or more)
  • Hava Sơn Khắc

    • Ticket price: 499,000 VND
    • Offer for April, May 2023: 419,000 VND (2 people or more)
  • Hava Rattan

    • Ticket price: 279,000 VND
    • Offer: 259,000 VND (2 people or more)
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