FAQs - Havaworkshop

Q1: What is the Hava and Hava Workshop model?

Havaworkshop is a model of combining traditional craft workshops of Vietnam and the world, aiming to preserve the inherent handmade identity and bring crafts closer to everyone.

With that goal in mind, Hava wants to bring a lot of fun and relaxing moments through close but very new handcrafted experiences.

Q2: How long does an event last and what is the price like?

The event will last from 2 to 3 hours with the cost of the session (from 300,000 to 600,000 VND) depending on the workshop class you sign up for.

That cost includes:

  • All tools, accessories for you to complete your craft
  • Careful packaging so you can gift those you love

In addition, teachers and teaching assistants will wholeheartedly help you in completing your craft and Hava's Photographer will help you take beautiful photos when participating in these workshops.

Q3: Attending a Hava event, do I need to prepare anything?

Participants in Hava's workshop do not need to prepare anything. The tools and materials needed to complete a craft are fully prepared by the Hava team.

Come and join Hava's craft workshops to learn more about Vietnamese cultural products, have more fun time with friends and family, and have your own hand-made products. make.

Q4: What is the process of a Hava event workshop?

B1: Check in to the workshop class at the check-in counter

Step 2: Set up your seat and start participating in the workshop

B3: Finish the workshop, take pictures and take the products home

Q5: How many people participate in an even workshop of Hava?

Hava limits participants in each event to about 20-25 people to ensure the quality of the workshop. Events held in a larger venue will have more participants.

Q6: Steps to register for Hava's Workshop:

You can join Havaworkshop with 4 extremely simple steps:

Step 1 : Select the workshop you want to attend and register on Hava's website

B2 : Be there on time or 5-10 minutes earlier to get the place you like

B3: Make your own craft work

B4: Check-in, take photos, show your friends about your handmade products and can give them to friends and relatives

More details can be found here .

Q7: Does Hava have an age limit to join?

Hava appreciates the creativity of all ages, so there is no age limit for participation. However, participating children must have the consent / supervision of their parents and accompanying household reducers. Hava encourages children aged 12 and over to participate to get the best experience and learn the most

Some craft tools are very sharp, requiring the user to be very careful. Therefore, the accompanying parent/reducer must be responsible for monitoring.

Hava is not responsible for legal issues in the process of providing services.

Q8: I have registered and transferred money to attend the workshop, but I have an unexpected busy schedule. Can I transfer to next week's class?

You can read more about the reservation and departure policy here .

Q9: Where can I get my workshop photos?

Photos from your event will be emailed to event registration, within 72 hours (3 days) after the event ends. Hava respects your privacy and will always ask for permission when using your personal photos.

If more than 7 days after the event and you still do not see your photos, do not hesitate to contact Hava immediately.

Q10: I have a voucher code/gift card, how to use this voucher/giftcard?

Each voucher/gift card will have a corresponding code and be used, to use the code please see the instructions here

Hava is always open to welcome all of you to Hava's workshops. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to inbox us via hotline +84 977764897 or Facebook Fanpage "Havaworkshop" or contact us via email contact@havaworkshop.com !


Hava Team.