Join Hava's Workshop

Step 1:

Select the workshop class you want to join and register on Hava's website

Join Havaworkshop Buoc 1

We have many workshops for you to choose from. See more here .

Step 2:

Be at the Workshop on time or 5-10 minutes earlier to get the right person

Join Havaworkshop Buoc 2

Remember to be on time to have the best workshop experience

Step 3:

DIY your own products

There is no better time than when you can immerse yourself in the creative space and create a work of your own. You will learn very interesting things

Step 4:

Check-in, take photos, show your friends about the handmade products you create and can give them to friends and relatives

Don't hesitate to share. Tag @hava.workshop on your IG or FB.