Hava Lacquer - Coming Soon

Lacquer art appeared in Vietnam very early, lacquer works were found in ancient tombs in Vietnam dating from the 3rd to 4th centuries BC. Over the centuries, Vietnamese master artists and artisans have mastered the technique of using lacquer for decorative and preservation purposes. Lacquer paintings have a unique style, different from silk, oil or watercolor paintings.

Lacquer is considered one of the painting materials in Vietnam. This is the exploration and technical development of the traditional Vietnamese craft of painting into lacquer technique. However, the word used to call lacquer (English: lacquer) is often understood to be Japanese and Chinese art paint utensils. Grinding technique is the big difference between fine art painting crafts and Vietnamese lacquer paintings.

Hava Lacquer
Lacquer work you can completely do yourself
Hava Lacquer

Dawn on the farm by artist Nguyen Duc Nung


Hava will launch a lacquer class in October 2022 , everyone. Stay tuned!

Source: Designs.vn, Wikipedia