Bamboo Dragonfly - Coming Soon

Dragonflies fly low, it rains, fly high, it is sunny, when it is medium, it is shady

That proverb is associated with the childhood of many Vietnamese people.
Referring to dragonflies is to mention the Vietnamese countryside, the green rice fields, the laughter of the farmers when preparing to go to the fields, the young pythons and boys happily playing with their friends.

Those scenes are so clear and peaceful.

For city children, bamboo dragonflies are the fastest way for them to get from the city to the countryside - where their grandparents and parents grew up. And with dragonfly wings make childhood friendships. Vietnamese artisans have been very talented when creating a bamboo dragonfly, sending a very familiar image into it.

Hava will be lauching bamboo dragonfly making classes in September 2022. Staying Tuned!